Tips on How to Find a Holistic Dentist

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Holistic dentistry could be the best remedy if you are seeking healthier dental treatment methods, or even if you are just seeking an alternative treatment methods to a specific tooth dilemma. As it turns out, holistic dentistry aims at providing dental treatment alternatives that are healthier and safer to individuals and to the world. However, finding holistic dentist may seem more of a challenge in some areas than in others, but should you be in need of one, here are tips on how to locate them.

This practice came to be in the eighteen century and offered the alternative to the then recent knowledge of the dangers of using mercury dental filling. The practice has steadily increased in fame since then but still not very. It may cause you a bit of problem searching for a holistic dental office. This is a problem faced by many and hence the increase in people looking for tips on how to find a holistic dental office. The practice is not new but it seems that way to many individuals, as it has only recently begun emerging to the fore front of medical practices. The following describes a few tips that are sure to help in your search.

The first thing to do is to identify your specific needs. When you go looking for a holistic dental office, you have to first decide if you want a doctor in your area or outside the area you live or if you want a male or female doctor. By setting your preference, finding what you desire will be that much easier.

You will want to “Ask Around”. Conversation is the bestactive way of spreading information on all levels. It is more than likely that you may have connections to someone that has connections to someone with information about a holistic dental office. The beauty of this method of sharing information is that you get direct feedback about the level of professionalism and services that are provided by the dental office in questioned. It helps you chose the best office to get your medical treatments.

You can go the traditional way and simply “Use the Phonebook and Yellow Pages or Check the Classifieds of your daily tabloids. Every business needs to advertise and most of these businesses use the daily tabloids to complete this task. Most businesses are also listed in the phonebook and make it easy for you to locate exactly what you are looking for.

The last of the tips we have for you is “The Utilization of the Internet and websites” that will provide listings for these offices. This is by far the most recommended method to finding a holistic dental office. It requires only a computer with internet connections and the drive to find what you are looking for. The information is at the tip of your fingers and doesn’t require you exerting any form of energy other than to click your mouse. There are many websites on the internet that provide listings of holistic dental offices.


Simply How Much Botox treatment Is Too Much?

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Botox InjectionBotox is a fantastic drug that can truly help people to appear younger. Yet it’s extremely important to have an honest discussion along with your patient to make sure that their anticipations and your treatment targets are in line. Quite often I will find patients who think that their previous experience with Botox treatment was somewhat heavy handed, leaving them with a fixed, totally unnatural / frozen expression… or even a droopy brow which inhibits their vision.

I will tell my patients that I prefer to provide Botox in a dose that will ease their lines and wrinkles but simultaneously preserve a degree of facial expression. What this means is a more youthful appearance but retains the natural stability and harmony of the face. While some patients do desire the ‘frozen’ forehead appearance, they’re in the minority and most choose to stay away from this.Choosing the appropriate dose for a certain individual is not as straightforward as your Botox course teacher might have you believe. Although some of the Botulinum Toxin suppliers do give dosage recommendations, these should be employed as a guide rather than a one-size fits all solution. If you go down this road you will see that your customers will look for a more custom service elsewhere.

So how do you come up with the suitable dosage? It will require an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and function of the facial anatomy, and an understanding that everyone differs. So when I see a new customer who is considering about Botox treatment I will carefully consider that person’s facial musculature. I’ll consider the strength of their musculature by examining their muscle bulk. I will establish the anatomy of their muscles, and this can be different from the description in textbooks. I’ll figure out the effect of relaxing those muscles, in particular the frontalis and orbicularis oculi muscles.In taking into consideration the effect I am thinking not only about the appearance but also what’s going to happen to the visual function of my client when their brow is relaxed. They aren’t going to be best pleased should you paralyze their brow muscles which they are using to keep their hefty upper eyelids elevated and out of the area of their eyesight

Some elements of Botox treatment are also much harder to get correct than others. In this context I am thinking specifically about Botox treatment for fine lines around the lips. In this area you’ve got to be particularly considerate of the strength of Botox injections and tread very cautiously as overdosage can cause lip incontinence that can last for several months.Think about the benefits of using lower doses as well as dealing with one region at a time and reviewing your client to examine the effect of the treatment, as opposed to performing too much at once. It’s a wonderful way to instill some confidenc, precisely personalizing your treatment to their needs. It may not be the most convenient way to provide treatment, but it will assist you to build your self-confidence, experience and knowledge of the results of Botox treatment and at the same time your approval rating with your clients will develop while your rate of unfavourable events will go down… most people would call that a win!


3 Reasons To Make Your Own Homemade Toothpaste

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The best toothpaste isn’t from a store. It’s something you make at home yourself. And the best homemade toothpaste is one that works well and tastes good enough that you and your family will actually use it. Making your own helps you avoid toxic chemicals and additives.

Here are three specific reason  to make your own toothpaste:

Best Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

  1. Your homemade toothpaste will have no SLS. Sodium lauryl sulfate is used to break surface tension in a wide variety of personal care items, including most store-bought toothpastes. Some people use products with SLS all the time and don’t have any problems, but the product has shown strong links to allergies and can make canker sore flare ups worse and dry out your mouth. That means that avoiding SLS can improve your oral health.
  2. A clean mouth may mean a healthy heart. There is an established link between oral health and heart health. Using the best homemade toothpaste you can create instead of something from the store means you’ll be avoiding fluoride and also getting your teeth clean and your mouth healthy without adding chemicals to your body. And clean teeth may mean less chance of heart disease, less risk of stroke and better health overall.
  3. You need to maintain healthy pH. The best homemade toothpaste recipe is one that takes pH into account because a neutral pH contributes to healthier teeth and gums. When you prevent acid, you’re preventing the destruction of your teeth and the accumulation of hazardous plaque and the bacteria it contains. Saliva helps with this, and so does the right homemade toothpaste.

When you understand that the best homemade toothpaste contributes to overall health in these and so many other ways, it doesn’t make sense to buy something as important as toothpaste at the grocery store or a big discount chain anymore. It’s important enough to make at home so you can maintain strict control over the formula.


The 5 Hallmarks Of San Diego Dentistry

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Have you heard of the gentle San Diego dentistry? Do you know what the “San Diego dental approach” is? The truth is that dentistry overall is much gentler than in the past, but some dentists — like Dr. Daniel Vinograd, a holistic dentists in San Diego, California — are completely committed to gentle dentistry.

His approach involved five specific aspects:
San Diego Dental Patients

  1. Laser diagnostics. Gentler on the body than traditional x-rays, laser diagnostics are a simple and effective way to see if a filling or other restoration is needed. Unnecessary fillings mean spending time in the chair that you didn’t have to, and that needs to be prevented.
  2. Micro-abrasion. Today, it’s possible to blow away decayed tooth material with micro-abrasion and, in some case, completely eliminate the need for dental drills. Laser diagnostics can determine if micro-abrasion is the right approach for you.
  3. Double anesthetic. Anesthetic isn’t always necessary, but when it is, applying a topical painkiller first can mean that injections are painless. This has been part of Dr. Vinograd’s approach for decades.
  4. Low-speed drilling. When drilling is necessary, doing it at low speed means less heat, less pain and less potential for cracking or other complications. It’s a more sensible and gentler way to drill. Old, high-speed drills are fading from existence, and it’s not a moment too soon.
  5. Patient control. The cornerstone of gentle San Diego dentistry is letting the patient stay in control. When you always know what’s going on, you can stop the procedure in progress if you become uncomfortable.

If this approach to dentistry seems right for you, contact Dr. Daniel Vinograd at his San Diego mercury free dental practice or contact another holistic dentist or pain-free dentist near you. Because of modern technology, it’s possible for San Diego dentists to commit to gentler dentistry that doesn’t scare away their patients.

Biological Root Canals

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holistic dental symbolAmong dentists, root canals are a highly charged topic.  For the most part, conventional dentists favor them, while many holistic dentists oppose them.  Opposition to root canals stems from the difficulty inherent in trying to eradicate bacteria in the root canal and the potential for such bacteria to migrate into the bloodstream and cause infection and serious health issues in other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, there are only two alternatives to root canals.  The first is to do nothing, but there are no real benefits to this approach.  Tooth root problems start with inflamed nerves.  Leave an inflamed nerve untreated for too long, it becomes infected and the problem becomes exponentially more complicated.  Infection can then spread to other teeth and even to the blood stream.

The second alternative is extraction and in very severe cases, this may be the only option.  When extracting a tooth, a decision needs to be made about what to do with the empty space.  Leaving it empty is certainly an option, but missing teeth can lead to compromised chewing, and problems with gums and bite.  Options for replacing teeth include, dentures, fixed bridges and implants.  All of which come with their own problems.

Because there are no great options for root issues, I neither support nor oppose them.  I believe they have their place but, recognizing the risks inherent in root canals, I look for ways to mitigate those risks.

In my practice, that means two things.  First, if I believe a root canal is needed, I want to do it as soon as possible, before the inflamed nerve becomes infected.  Treating the tooth before the bacteria get a chance to multiply improves the chances for a good outcome.

Second, I sterilize the tooth with calcium hydroxide instead of Biocalex to sterilize the inside of the tooth.  Biocalex has a number of drawbacks, ranging from odd sensations in the tooth, to pain, to teeth cracking beyond the possibility of repair.  Calcium hydroxide not only does not cause the problems that Biocalex can cause, but it is highly alkaline.  When calcium hydroxide is use on the tooth and left in place for several days, the entire tooth goes from a neutral pH of 7, to an alkaline pH of 10.  It eradicates bacteria far more effectively than Biocalex.  Along with killing bacteria, calcium hydroxide can also eliminate any bits of nerve that may remain.



In the world of dentistry, there are a lot of opinions on root canals.  When dental problems affect the roots of the teeth, the options are:

  • Do nothing and risk the problem spreading to other teeth and infection getting into the bloodstream,
  • Extract the affected tooth and decide what to do with the space, or
  • Perform a root canal, save the tooth and risk long-term consequences associated with the procedure.

Doing nothing is the riskiest route of the three and can lead to serious long-term and seemingly unrelated health problems down the road.  Extracting the tooth has its place, but there are no ideal options for dealing with the empty space, either.

Root canals are considered risky because the structure of the tooth makes it virtually impossible to kill all of the bacteria during the procedure, leaving a risk (though smaller than that of doing nothing) that the bacteria will get into the bloodstream and travel through the body.  In fact, Dr. Weston A. Price, whom some consider to be the father of modern holistic dentistry, conducted a great deal of research in which he took extracted teeth and implanted them under the skin of lab animals.  Many of these animals developed conditions identical to those from whom the teeth came, and quickly.  As a result of this research, he concluded that as many as 95% of infections begin in the mouth.

Rather than discounting root canals, as long as there are no good options, we need to be looking at ways to minimize the risks associated with them.  In my practice, I observe a few standards intended to do just that.

First, if a root canal is warranted, I do it as early as possible.  Early root problems are caused by inflamed nerves.  If left too long, inflamed nerves become infected.  The longer a root canal is delayed, the more the bacteria have an opportunity to multiply, to hide in the microtubules inside the tooth and from there, migrate to the bloodstream.

Second, I use calcium hydroxide, a strong alkaline (pH 10) to sterilize the inside of the tooth.  By filling the root space of the tooth with calcium hydroxide and leaving it in place for several days, the calcium hydroxide permeates the tooth and brings the entire tooth to a similar pH, which is alkaline enough to kill most bacteria.  Though there are no guarantees, the calcium hydroxide has been shown to be far more effective at both killing bacteria and disintegrating any nerve debris that may be left behind.