The 5 Hallmarks Of San Diego Dentistry

Have you heard of the gentle San Diego dentistry? Do you know what the “San Diego dental approach” is? The truth is that dentistry overall is much gentler than in the past, but some dentists — like Dr. Daniel Vinograd, a holistic dentists in San Diego, California — are completely committed to gentle dentistry.

His approach involved five specific aspects:
San Diego Dental Patients

  1. Laser diagnostics. Gentler on the body than traditional x-rays, laser diagnostics are a simple and effective way to see if a filling or other restoration is needed. Unnecessary fillings mean spending time in the chair that you didn’t have to, and that needs to be prevented.
  2. Micro-abrasion. Today, it’s possible to blow away decayed tooth material with micro-abrasion and, in some case, completely eliminate the need for dental drills. Laser diagnostics can determine if micro-abrasion is the right approach for you.
  3. Double anesthetic. Anesthetic isn’t always necessary, but when it is, applying a topical painkiller first can mean that injections are painless. This has been part of Dr. Vinograd’s approach for decades.
  4. Low-speed drilling. When drilling is necessary, doing it at low speed means less heat, less pain and less potential for cracking or other complications. It’s a more sensible and gentler way to drill. Old, high-speed drills are fading from existence, and it’s not a moment too soon.
  5. Patient control. The cornerstone of gentle San Diego dentistry is letting the patient stay in control. When you always know what’s going on, you can stop the procedure in progress if you become uncomfortable.

If this approach to dentistry seems right for you, contact Dr. Daniel Vinograd at his San Diego mercury free dental practice or contact another holistic dentist or pain-free dentist near you. Because of modern technology, it’s possible for San Diego dentists to commit to gentler dentistry that doesn’t scare away their patients.