Simply How Much Botox treatment Is Too Much?

Botox InjectionBotox is a fantastic drug that can truly help people to appear younger. Yet it’s extremely important to have an honest discussion along with your patient to make sure that their anticipations and your treatment targets are in line. Quite often I will find patients who think that their previous experience with Botox treatment was somewhat heavy handed, leaving them with a fixed, totally unnatural / frozen expression… or even a droopy brow which inhibits their vision.

I will tell my patients that I prefer to provide Botox in a dose that will ease their lines and wrinkles but simultaneously preserve a degree of facial expression. What this means is a more youthful appearance but retains the natural stability and harmony of the face. While some patients do desire the ‘frozen’ forehead appearance, they’re in the minority and most choose to stay away from this.Choosing the appropriate dose for a certain individual is not as straightforward as your Botox course teacher might have you believe. Although some of the Botulinum Toxin suppliers do give dosage recommendations, these should be employed as a guide rather than a one-size fits all solution. If you go down this road you will see that your customers will look for a more custom service elsewhere.

So how do you come up with the suitable dosage? It will require an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and function of the facial anatomy, and an understanding that everyone differs. So when I see a new customer who is considering about Botox treatment I will carefully consider that person’s facial musculature. I’ll consider the strength of their musculature by examining their muscle bulk. I will establish the anatomy of their muscles, and this can be different from the description in textbooks. I’ll figure out the effect of relaxing those muscles, in particular the frontalis and orbicularis oculi muscles.In taking into consideration the effect I am thinking not only about the appearance but also what’s going to happen to the visual function of my client when their brow is relaxed. They aren’t going to be best pleased should you paralyze their brow muscles which they are using to keep their hefty upper eyelids elevated and out of the area of their eyesight

Some elements of Botox treatment are also much harder to get correct than others. In this context I am thinking specifically about Botox treatment for fine lines around the lips. In this area you’ve got to be particularly considerate of the strength of Botox injections and tread very cautiously as overdosage can cause lip incontinence that can last for several months.Think about the benefits of using lower doses as well as dealing with one region at a time and reviewing your client to examine the effect of the treatment, as opposed to performing too much at once. It’s a wonderful way to instill some confidenc, precisely personalizing your treatment to their needs. It may not be the most convenient way to provide treatment, but it will assist you to build your self-confidence, experience and knowledge of the results of Botox treatment and at the same time your approval rating with your clients will develop while your rate of unfavourable events will go down… most people would call that a win!